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Welcome to
Judit Hildebrandt's
Homepage !


Spiritual Art

True Art
is always being created
out of a meditative spirit
connecting to the Divine.

The artist who is being creative
becomes one with the object,
becomes one with whatever he/she creates
through concentration and meditation.

Works of art will come out of this oneness,
out of this non-dualistic world
that will have a similar effect
on the one viewing the paintings.

These paintings
are like a window
to the Divine
touching the soul.


The artist
Judit Hildebrandt
in front of her painting
"Divine Mother".

You can view
this painting in the gallery
and it is also contained
in the calendar for 2006.

New Products

Calendar 2007 - order now!
Calendar 2007

5 new Protection Cards - order now!

5 new Protection Cards

    I paint the Soul Paintings out of my intuition with no intention to have something appear in a concrete form on the painting.
    > more...

    Our guardian angel is part of our soul who accompanies us on our path through life. He/She serves the divine in us and is in close contact with us through our inner voice.
    > more...

    at the Ayurvedic Center "Selinda" in Baden-Baden
    After a number of years I'm now offering a Painting Seminar again because so many of you have asked me to.
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    Painting religious figures from the bible or other Holy Men and Women in special buildings and chapels.
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Latest Products
  • Art Calendar 2007 "Light Beings"
    Master - Angels - Devas, Price: 27,- Euro p.P. 5,- Euro, Format 35 x 49,5 cm,
    Motives: Light Being, Aquamarin, Iris-Deva, Swami Vishwananda, Dhanvanthari, Angel of joy, Meditation angel...> more...

  • Five new protection cards
    Five new protection cards are now available: Seraphim, Gate to the Light, Divine Love, Ananda Moyi Ma and Doves.
    > more...

  • 7 Neue Kunstdruck-Motive
    Divine Love, Gate to the Light, Ananda Moyi Ma, Green Tara, Engel der Befreiung, Doves, Seraphim. > more...

  • Reproduction of paintings
    - on paper:
     Single digital prints, all motifs available.
    Sizes: 50 x 70 cm to approx. 85 x 120 cm. > more...
    - on backlight foil: That's a special foil. If the lights shines in from the back (for example through a window) it shows radiant colors. The picture will appear really special. > more...
    - on canvas: the motifs of the original oil paintings are printed directly on canvas.
    Sizes: 70 x 90 cm and 90 x 120 cm. > more...

  • New original oil paitings
    In the gallery the latest oil paintings are being displayed for your view. > more...

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